Complete Your Circle of Care

Heritage Keepers was founded on a very basic principle that can be seen in Leviticus 19:32, “Show respect for the elderly and honor older people, in this way you show respect for your God.”

We believe that by fulfilling this command we can make a difference in the lives of the people we serve. Serving, honoring and showing respect to our senior adults means more than just providing for a physical need that they might have. The official mission statement for Heritage Keepers communicates this vision:

“Our mission is to make an eternal, spiritual impact by serving the physical and spiritual needs of our clients with sincerity and humility, always striving to show God’s love.”

circle of care imageThere comes a time in everyone’s life when circumstances require the need for assistance. When that day comes, we know the very best care you can receive comes from those who love you most – your family and friends. At Heritage Keepers we like to think of the support you need as a ‘Circle of Care’. Most circles will include family, friends, community and church. Sometimes, despite their desire to be there, it is impossible for your loved ones or these other groups to provide the care that you need – your ‘Circle of Care’ is broken. That’s when we want you to consider Heritage Keepers. We want to complete your ‘Circle of Care’ by providing you a variety of services in the areas of companionship, homemaking and spiritual encouragement through our family of dedicated and trained Caregivers.